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DR Racing Kart S97 30mm Chassis

 M99 Chassis
The DR M99 chassis is designed for the US 100cc and TaG classes.  The M99 works well with the harder compound tires required in US racing.  The M99 is the easiest to drive, easiest to setup kart on the market.

Click here for more detail on the M99 100cc/TaG chassis.

Click here for more detail on the M99 KZ Shifter chassis.

DR Racing Kart J90 32mm Chassis

Torx 4-cycle Chassis
Features of the Torx 4-cycle chassis:
  • Sniper adjustable caster and camber.
         Adjust one without affecting the other setting.
  • Multi position steering.
  • Magnesium accessories.
  • Massive disc brakes with floating disc.
  • Complete DR graphics package.
  • Click here for more detail on the Torx 4-cycle chassis.

    DR Racing Kart Cadet Hero Chassis

    Cadet Hero Chassis
    The DR Cadet Hero chassis is one of the first cadet karts to bring the high quality components into a smaller frame.  The features include: Sniper adjustable front end, floating disc rear brakes, free spinning rear axle bearings, multi position steering and a complete DR graphics package just like the full sized DR Racing Karts. 

    Click here for more detail on the Cadet Hero chassis.



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